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mann2-100Family Owned And Operated, Waterford Metal Roofing & Supplies by ASI Has Been Servicing Southeast Michigan Since 1986! With well over two-and-a-half decades of experience, we have made a track record for top quality, reliability, and affordability!

Metal roofing is quickly turning out to be among the most flourishing segments in home modernization. We’ve been installing metal roofs longer than most other roofing companies have existed. Our knowledge and longevity can’t be equaled.

We manufacture most of our own materials and pass the cost savings onto you. Oftentimes, a lifetime metal roof costs no more than a shingle roof.

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Benefits of Metal

Advantages of Metal

There are a lot of benefits of metal, the primary one being its durability. But metal roofing has progressed way beyond the old rusty looking pole barn roofing of earlier times. Here are a few reasons why your next roof needs to be a metal roof.
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Why Metal Roofing

Why Metal Roofing?

Today’s metal roofs are multicolored, beautiful, and last a virtual lifetime. It also helps cut down on energy usage.
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Metal Roofing Myths

Metal Roofing Myths

If you have ever traveled into a non-urban community, you will have probably spotted many barns and houses with metal roofs. Why metal? One simple answer is that metal roofing will last pretty much for a lifetime. Yet the reasons go beyond that.
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